Simply the best mobile BITCOIN Wallet!

The most advanced wallet out there, yet so simple to use!

Everyone deserves state-of-the-art security. At the same time, managing your bitcoins should be effortless. The Bity wallet is the perfect combination of the two. We promise you that our app will give you no headache.

For the tech-savvy: your keys are encrypted with a BIP38-like specification, spending rules are enforced via multi-signature and a new address is generated after each transaction.


Share and receive bitcoins anonymously

Hit the share button to email your bitcoin address to your friends!

A new bitcoin address is sent each and every time, which ensures a complete respect of your privacy. No one needs to know what you do with your bitcoins!

Our wallet uses hierarchical determinism, also know as BIP32.

Sending bitcoin has never been so fast

Send bitcoins without typing your 18-character password! You might wonder how your bitcoins could be safe in this case?

We implemented a multi-signature technology that allows you to set up daily withdrawal limits. Our servers simply won't sign a transaction if the limit is reached. Bypass the limit any time by entering your password. The maximal loss you can incur in case of theft in a single day is the limit you set!

For the geeks: Multi-signature at its best! More awesomeness: you don't want multisig at all? Set your limit to zero and your wallet rolls back to a standard single-sig.


Want extra security?

Buy the BITY Card to add a layer of security.

The card is a beautiful credit-card sized bitcoin wallet that will fit perfectly for the need of extra protection your savings require!

Choose from three different colors, blue, green or pink.

Buy your Bity now !

Want to test our app ? Send us your Google Play associated email to be invited to the beta !

What our beta users have to say:

I am seriously happy about this product. It has a lot of powerful features that are required for a power-user like me and it is so easy to use! Congrats guys!
Alexis Roussel
This thing is one of those tools that everybody should be using. I really like it and with this ease to use. Storing my bitcoins has never been so hassle-free! It's clear that a lot of thought has gone into this.
Mat Buff
DigiThink SA